Friday, March 27, 2009

=]=]eNd oF tHe YeaR cAmp=]=]

=]=]end of the year camp had just ended and it was hella crazy!!!!! durin camp a hole lot happened!!!Drama, happiness, and life long learning experinces~!!! in this camp we had a lot of activites to do and one of them was the scavenger hunt. the scavenger hunt was very interesting, people fought and people got annoyed butt at the same tyme it was really really fun!!!! another thing that we had done during camp was community service, and my group had to go to the Queen liliuokalani center while my hui and i were there we talked to each other and ate really good musubis!!!! after we left the Queen liliuokalani center we had went to go put down easy corner tents, when we were done with that we had went to P.C.C(polynesian culture center) to see and learn about iosepa. we also learned a a hula and performed it to the parents and staff!! OVER ALL END OF THE YEAR CAMP WAS REALLY FUN, I ENJOYED IT=]=]

Friday, March 13, 2009

=]=] FirSt tYmE=]=]

=]=]today is da fisrt day of blogging and ive neva made a blog bfore N it seems boring yet fun=]=]