Friday, April 24, 2009

=]=]PpL wHo tAlK S!@$=]=]

=]=] ppl who talk smack are very very lame!!! idk y they would want to talk crap because its just a big waste of tyme!! the ppl who talk have nothing better to do besides make other ppl feel bad, and thats not OK!! wen they say that there just saying the truth its ture but, the truth hurts !!! anyways the point that im trying to make is if u want to be lame and have no friends go ahead and run ur mouth and talk your smack. like i said before talkin smack is very LAME=]=]


  1. shit-talkers are lame...

  2. you spelled is wrong...just to let you know

  3. please shange your words which are paad...

    u still the best talia i know...